Purge / Pogrom Warning: KPOP Edition

‘They use our culture’: the Black creatives and fans holding K-pop accountable
Elizabeth de Luna, The Guardian, July 20, 2020, 12:00 AM

Excerpt – “Today, a striking number of K-pop hits are written and produced by Black Americans and a significant percentage of K-pop fans in the US are Black. As K-pop grows in popularity worldwide, many international fans are waiting for the industry to develop a more sensitive, globalized understanding of race.”

Warning – using sociological definitions outside of a sociology class should be done with care. Combining (a) thinking in groups with (b) the assumption that any deviation from equality in result is unjust leads to anti-Semitism, anti-Asian, and anti- recently immigrated Black attitudes.

Today’s edition asks the following questions.

If an American Black songwriter sells music and/or lyrics to a Korean entertainment producer, has someone been exploited? If so, whom? By how much?

If Korean entertainers make money from American Black fans, have the Korean entertainers exploited American Blacks? If so, how, and by how much? If so, did American Black entertainers exploit Korean fans when American Black entertainers made money through Korean sales? If so, how, and by how much?

Today’s edition offers the following thought to help avoid the politics of resentment. Gains from trade – perhaps there are mutual gains from trade – not exploitation.


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