Not Monolithic: the Murder of Bernell Trammel and the Political Views of Black Americans

This post ties together the next half dozen posts. Bernell Trammel was a Black American with eclectic political views. He supported Donald Trump nationally and a progressive Democrat in local Milwaukee elections. On July 23, 2020, Mr. Trammel was murdered sitting outside his Wisconsin shop. As of this writing, the murder is not solved.

I bring up Mr. Trammel to demonstrate that the political views of Black Americans are not monolithic. This demonstration is necessary to prevent ‘othering,’ by which I mean the psychological concept of outgroup homogeneity bias. That is a bunch of big words to describe assuming that the ‘other’ group has less range of some characteristic than the group of insiders.

The following posts describe examples of a mainstream Democrat, an anti-racist critic of liberalism, an economist who served in Republican administrations, a Green Party socialist, Mr. Trammel, and finally an essay on the importance of opposing ‘othering.’

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