Capitol in Crisis

We all have our method of grieving. Part of mine is history.

Here is a picture within view of the Capitol Building during a national crisis – the Great Depression. Desperate ww1 veterans had constructed shanty towns (trespassing) in DC demanding early payment of promised war bonuses. They became known as the Bonus Army and their encampments known as Hoovervilles. After a July 28, 1932 conflict with police in which there were two deaths, Hoover ordered the encampments cleared. Douglas MacArthur began forcible removal with tanks (Patton a tank leader) and fixed bayonettes. Ike was also in the military. Reportedly, Hoover regretted the decision after early reports and rescinded. Reportedly, MacArthur continued clearing anyway.

To be white in America in 1932 was to be cleared of the Capitol vicinity with tanks and bayonets. Got news for you – America was a racist country in 1932. Two things can be true at the same time. (1) America can be racist. (2) Some whites in authority can be willing to violently confront some other whites. Anyone who tells you different is either ignorant or a liar.  Haymarket riots. Rizzos Raiders. Kent state. Branch Davidians. On and on. The examples are not all 100 years ago.

So, now president Trump has encouraged treason and the Capitol building has been desecrated. We need an investigation into whether the treason was aided and abetted by people in positions of public trust.

Many important issues of racial inequality need to be addressed. Some see the access of the crowd to the Capitol as proof of general white immunity from police response. Excuse me – stop telling young whites that they can confront the police without consequence.

First, it isn’t true. There were more whites than Blacks shot and killed by police in 2020, in 2019, in 2018,… Blacks are disproportionately shot by police, which does not mean whites are not shot, nor does it mean whites are shot less often.

Second, relying on a false belief of immunity, whites hearing about white privilege might increase the amount of stupid $hit they do, which is a threat to everyone.

Hoovervilles in Flames in Sight of the Capitol – LOC and Archives

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