WASPs are 0-fer

WASP was a common term meaning White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant. Between the Civil War and World War I millions of migrants from southern and eastern Europe settled in America’s cities and industrial towns. Like Irish Catholics before them, the Catholic, Jewish, and Eastern Orthodox communities faced bigotry and resistance from some nativist elements in the United States. These nativist obstructionists were often called WASPs, especially if they were relatively wealthy.

WASPs are now an 0-fer as measured by occupation of traditional positions of federal power.

With the inauguration of Joe Biden,

  • President = Catholic
  • Speaker of the House = Catholic
  • Senate Majority Leader = Jewish
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court = Catholic
  • 6 of 8 remaining Supreme Court justices are either Catholic or Jewish
  • the 2 remaining justices were educated in Jesuit (Catholic) schools

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