Turns out, Defund really meant Defund to Some

Tell me again that ‘Defund the Police’ did not ‘really mean’ defund the police. Many people got manipulated into repeating a slogan that was deceptive, manipulative, and fraudulent (aka, propaganda) – the plain sentiment of which many claimed not to believe. Note – if one really wants to defund the police, then yes, please carry on. Chant, march, and protest. But the rest, please do not chant 3-6 word slogans if told the words do not ‘really mean’ what the words mean. OK? Is that a lot to ask? If worried about a return of 20s/30s Italian style Fascism, the first thing one can do is to stop jumping at dog whistles to demonstrate your general empathy if you disagree with the specific whistle. Mussolini did not ‘March on Rome,’ he took a train from Milan. The term ‘March on Rome’ refers to the street tactics of Mussolini’s mobs shouting down speakers they disagreed with, demanding that bystanders join their chants or be intimidated, and making public administration ungovernable. Like destroying coffee shops that did not toe the line. The Fascists condemned individualism. Any of those tactics sound familiar? Don’t chant a slogan you disagree with just to show you are empathetic with ‘higher goals’ that the sloganeers claim it ‘really means.’ Ask the sloganeers to chant what they ‘really mean.’ https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/woke-mob-smashes-windows-of-portland-coffee-shop-to-protest-cop-event/ss-AA12HYpV?rc=1&ocid=winp1taskbar&cvid=66cb0c08439f41a1c540337a034828df

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